Chapters 3–4 Summary

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Chapter 3

Joji and Naomi’s home life is simple and playful, and Joji insists that they behave like friends rather than as maid and employer or ward and guardian. Indeed, Naomi does relatively little housework, but she does diligently attend her English and music lessons.

During the summer, Joji takes a vacation to the countryside to see his family, leaving Naomi behind in the city. However, he quickly finds himself bored without her company and cuts the trip short. He notes that this was the beginning of his realization that he was falling in love with her.

Chapter 4

At Naomi‘s request, Joji takes her on a weekend trip to a seaside town called Kamakura. They originally plan to stay at an expensive, high-class establishment, but they both become intimidated by the disparity between them and the wealthier patrons on the train ride to their destination. Despite the awkward start, the trip ends up being highly enjoyable for both Joji and Naomi. While Naomi learns to swim, Joji admires her maturing figure.

After returning from their trip, Naomi continues to take day trips to a nearby beach so that she can continue learning to swim. When she arrives home, Joji helps her wash off the salt water with a sponge.

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