Naomi Wolf Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)


Bellafante, Ginia. “Do We Need More Oprahs?” Time (30 June 1997): 71.

Bellafante deplores Wolf's sketchy information and “dabblings in scholarship” in Promiscuities.

Douglas, Susan J., and Meredith Michaels. “The Belly Politic.” Nation (26 November 2001): 26–29.

Douglas and Michaels offer a negative assessment of Misconceptions.

Duffy, Martha. “Tremors of Genderquake.” Time (27 December 1993): 82.

Duffy faults Wolf for shifting from “serious argument” to “flights of rhetoric” and for cluttering Fire with Fire with lengthy...

(The entire section is 515 words.)