Nancy Drew Series Summary
by Carolyn Keene

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Nancy Drew Series Summary

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

Most young readers find Nancy's adventures interesting, entertaining, and exciting. In addition, many articles by adult Nancy Drew fans describe the positive qualities developed by reading these books: a sense of independence, poise in unusual social situations, persistence, initiative, and resourcefulness. The series also emphasizes not only respect for elders and authority, but also the ability of a young woman to hold her own in the world of adults and men. Other values portrayed are the worth of the individual, respect for others (especially those less fortunate, talented, or courageous), and humility despite one's accomplishments, fame, and talents. In short, the Nancy Drew series reinforces both the individual's self-confidence and traditional American values. Moreover, these books can awaken an interest in science and provide an introduction to unfamiliar places and cultures. Finally, the Nancy Drew series uses the English language effectively and correctly, thus encouraging readers in good language skills.