Nadine Gordimer

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Why was author Nadine Gordimer censored in the 20th century?

Expert Answers

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Gordimer has been the victim of censorship because her subject matter demands the challenge of government and social structures.  Her writing reflects the need for artists to be social commentators and for art to transform what is into what should be.  Through her works, Gordimer challenges both social structures and governmental institutions to act in accordance to "the better angels of human nature."  Her outspoken stance on Apartheid South Africa, covert and overt racism, and the general fear of indigenous people has led her to demand change through her art.  This has made her a target of government censors.  Certainly, the censorship is not warranted nor is it acceptable.  Yet, Gordimer understands the implications of not being silent and has been active in not wanting to pursue the path of silence.  In the embrace of her role as activist through art, Gordimer understands that censorship is a risk, but deems it as one worthy of undertaking in light of her overall goals.

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