N-Town Cycle The Plays - Essay

The Plays

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))


1. The Creation, and Fall of Lucifer

2. The Creation, and Fall of Man

3. Cain and Abel

4. Noah, and Lamech

5. Abraham and Isaac

6. The Ten Commandments

7. The Tree of Jesse

*8. The Conception of Mary

*9. Mary in the Temple

*10. The Betrothal of Mary

*11. The Parliament of Heaven and the Annunciation

*12. Joseph's Trouble about Mary

*13. The Visitation

14. The Purgation of Mary and Joseph

15. The Birth of Christ

16. The Shepherds

17. The Magi

18. The Purification

19. The Slaughter of the Innocents

20. Christ and the Doctors in the Temple

21. The Baptism

22. The Temptation

23. The Woman Taken in Adultery

24. The Raising of Lazarus

25. The Conspiracy, and the Entry into Jerusalem

26. The Last Supper

27. The Betrayal
Doctors ' prologue

28. The Preliminary Examination: Annas and Ca iaphas

29. The Examination: before Pilate, and before Herod

30. Pilate's Wife's Dream, and the Trial before Pi late

31. The Crucifixion

32. The Harrowing of Hell (i)

33. The Burial

34. The Harrowing of Hell (ii), and the Resurrection

35. The Maries at the Sepulchre

36. The Appearance to Mary Magdalene

37. The Appearance to Cleophas and Luke, and to Thomas

38. The Ascension

39. Pentecost

40. The Assumption of the Virgin

41. The Last Judgement

*constituent of the "Contemplacio" group of plays (plays 8-13)

†constituent of "Passion Play I" (plays 25-7)

‡constituent of "Passion Play II" (plays 28-34)