N-Town Cycle Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

Ashley, Kathleen M. "'Wyt' and 'Wysdam' in N-Town Cycle." Philological Quarterly 58, No. 2 (1979): 121-35.

Explores the elements that produce N-Town's learned tone as a basis for the unity of the cycle.

Benkovitz, Miriam J. "Some Notes on the 'Prologue of Demon' of Ludus Coventriae." Modern Language Notes 60 (1945): 79-85.

Argues that the "Prologue of the Demon" that introduces the Passion group ties the cycle together; also contends that the author of the Prologue was a theologian.

Cameron, Kenneth, and Stanley J. Kahrl. "The N-Town Plays at Lincoln."...

(The entire section is 1312 words.)