N(orman) F(rederick) Simpson Martin Esslin - Essay

Martin Esslin

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

If Pinter's plays transmute realism into poetic fantasy, the work of Norman Frederick Simpson … is philosophical fantasy strongly based on reality…. Although Simpson's work is extravagant fantasy in the vein of Lewis Carroll, and is compared by the author himself to a regimental sergeant-major reciting 'Jabberwocky' over and over again through a megaphone, it is nevertheless firmly based in the English class system. If Pinter's world is one of tramps and junior clerks, Simpson's is unmistakably suburban. (p. 258)

Nonsense and satire [are] mingled with parody [in A Resounding Tinkle], but the serious philosophical intent is again and again brought into the open…. [Two] comedians learnedly...

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