N(orman) F(rederick) Simpson Louis Calta - Essay

Louis Calta

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Apparently, not all of Britain's young, angry and social-minded playwrights write in anger. At least one of them, N. F. Simpson, a London school teacher, regarded abroad as a new and original talent, can be downright amusing when directing shafts of satire at modern man.

On the evidence of "The Only Sense Is Nonsense," the collective title for two one-acters by Mr. Simpson ["A Resounding Tinkle and "The Hole"],… an author need not be resentful or wrathful to get his views across. A little humor, even if at times it becomes tangential, can go far.

Basically, Mr. Simpson is a serious writer, but his mood is nonsensical. His playlets … are not of the conventional type. They often...

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