N(orman) F(rederick) Simpson George Wellwarth - Essay

George Wellwarth

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Among the more remarkable results of the current so-called "renaissance" in the English drama has been the work of N. F. Simpson…. His three important plays are A Resounding Tinkle, The Hole, and One Way Pendulum; and, like Mr. Groomkirby in the last-named play, they reside in a world of their own. Like Alfred Jarry and his descendants, the 'Pataphysicians, Simpson has created a parallel reality that runs alongside our reality and clowns at it. Simpson's way of showing up what he considers the ridiculousness of the world is to create a special world in which reality is satirized by being placed in a new context. His plays, like 'Pataphysics, are a perversion of logic—the impossible carried out in...

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