Mystery and Detective Fiction—Major Awards Analysis

Agatha Awards

(Masterpieces of Fiction, Detective and Mystery Edition)

Malice Domestic, established in 1989, holds an annual convention at which the Agatha Awards, honoring the British novelist Agatha Christie, are given. The award takes the shape of a teapot because “cozy” is the term used for novels like Christie’s and also the term for a teapot cover. Criteria for eligibility specify no explicit sex, bloodshed, or unwarranted violence. Awards are made in several categories: best novel, best first mystery, best short story, best children/young adult fiction, and lifetime achievement.

Best Novel

1988——Carolyn Hart——Something Wicked

1989——Elizabeth Peters——Naked Once More

1990——Nancy Pickard——Bum Steer

1991——Nancy Pickard——I.O.U.

1992——Margaret Maron——Bootlegger’s Daughter

1993——Carolyn Hart——Dead Man’s Island

1994——Sharyn McCrumb——She Walks These Hills

1995——Sharyn McCrumb——If I’d Killed Him When I Met Him

1996——Margaret Maron——Up Jumps the Devil

1997——Kate Ross——The Devil in the Music

1998——Laura Lippman——Butcher’s Hill

1999——Earlene Fowler——Mariner’s Compass

2000——Margaret Maron——Storm Track


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