The Mysteries of Udolpho

by Ann Radcliffe

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Characters Discussed

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M. St. Aubert

M. St. Aubert (sah[n]-toh-BEHR), a French aristocrat and widower. He takes his daughter on a trip into the Pyrenees Mountains. While on the trip, he falls ill and dies, leaving his daughter with some letters he has asked her to destroy. With the letters is a mysterious miniature portrait.

Emily St. Aubert

Emily St. Aubert, daughter of M. St. Aubert. She wants to marry Valancourt, but her villainous uncle, who wants her property, prevents the marriage and forces the girl to sign over her property to him. Her property is returned, however, when her uncle is captured as a brigand. She is reunited with her beloved Valancourt, marries him, and settles down to a tranquil life.


Valancourt (vah-lahn-KEWR), a young French nobleman who falls in love with Emily St. Aubert and prepares to marry her, until her uncle interferes. Rumors have him a wild young man, but he proves he is worthy of Emily and finally marries her.

Mme Montoni

Mme Montoni (mohn-TOH-nee), Emily’s aunt, who marries Signor Montoni. Her husband locks her in a castle tower to make her sign over her property to him. She dies of harsh treatment.

Signor Montoni

Signor Montoni, a villainous Italian nobleman who marries Emily’s aunt and forbids the girl’s marriage to Valancourt. He tries to wrest his wife’s and his niece’s property from them. He takes them to a castle high in the Apennines, where he is a brigand. He is captured and forced to return his ill-gotten gains.

Count Morano

Count Morano (moh-RAH-noh), a Venetian nobleman. Signor Montoni tries to marry Emily off to him.

Lady Laurentini

Lady Laurentini (loh-ra[n]-tee-NEE), previous owner of the castle of Udolpho. She disappears to become a nun. She confesses her true identity as she lies dying. She admits that she plotted at one time to have Emily’s aunt killed by her first husband, who was also Lady Laurentini’s lover.


Ludovico (lew-doh-VEE-koh), a servant at Udolpho who befriends Emily and helps her escape from the castle.

M. Du Pont

M. Du Pont (dew pohn), a friend of Emily’s father. He proves that Valancourt, Emily’s beloved, actually gambled only to help some friends.

M. Villefort

M. Villefort (veel-FOHR), a French aristocrat whose family gives Emily refuge after a shipwreck.

The Marquis de Villeroi

The Marquis de Villeroi (veel-RWAH), Lady Laurentini’s lover, the first husband of Emily’s aunt.

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