List of Characters

Miranda—Martin Michael’s mate.

Sam Martin—nineteen-year-old daughter of Miranda.

Carl Palmer—Michael thinks Miranda is having an affair with Carl.

Michael Frame/Chris Carver—protagonist with a hidden past.

Brian Carver—Chris’s brother who hates what Chris does with his life.

Colin—Maggie’s husband; slightly older than Chris; educates Chris about protesting.

Maggie—Colin’s wife; eventually leaves Colin.

Miles Bridgeman—brings Michael’s past to light.

Anna Addison—the most radical female in the revolutionary group.

Sean Ward—the most radical male in the revolutionary group.

Saul Kleeman—vies with Sean to claim Anna and leadership of  the group but fails at both.

Patricia Ellis—a young lawyer who helps the protesters and later becomes the head of the London police.

Khaled—a Palestinian who trains the group in weaponry and tells them to kill Gerler.

Gerler—Jewish businessman who was to be killed by the group.

Godfrey Kerr—a used bookstore owner who gives Michael a Job; Michael refers to him as “God”

Character Analysis

Michael Frame (whose birth name is Chris Carver) is a somewhat pathetic character; he is the narrator of this novel. As Michael, he always seems to be afraid. He is afraid to go outside. He is afraid to talk to Sam, his stepdaughter, and tell her about his past. He is also afraid to confront Miranda, the woman he has lived with for more than sixteen years. He tells neither Sam nor Miranda anything about what he did before he met them. Despite this, he genuinely appears to love his stepdaughter. He supports her and is gentle when he thinks she needs some guidance. Although he might also love Miranda, Michael’s insistence on keeping his past concealed creates an ever-increasing barrier between them. There are other problems in their relationship, too. Michael has never approved of capitalism and, as the years go by, Miranda gets more and more involved in a capitalist profession. Although Miranda says that she does not mind that Michael stays at home and lives off her money, there are signs that she is not being completely honest. Miranda spends less and less time at home and spends a lot of time with other men, including a male trainer who runs with her and another man who advises her in her business. Although these characters are only briefly alluded to, Michael is suspicious of their relationships with Miranda.

Because Michael is so afraid of being found out, he hides in the shadows. His only outlet is at a desk in a used bookstore that seldom has any customers. Michael spends his time leafing through old books and publications, looking for his name or the names of his old friends in newspaper and magazine clippings from the 1960s. Michael is stagnant in the 1990s because he is stuck in his past. He is not proud of what he did and is fearful that those he betrayed might kill him or that the police might throw him in jail. In some ways, he is somewhat disappointed when neither proves to be true.

Even as a youth, Michael, who then went by the name Chris Carver, was a bit pathetic. He does not seem to have much of a backbone. He languishes around his house, the streets, or other people’s houses, soaking up what others are doing and saying but seldom...

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