My Financial Career

by Stephen Leacock

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What happens to the narrator at the bank in "My Financial Career"?

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In "My Financial Career," the narrator experiences extreme nervousness upon entering the bank, which leads to a series of comedic mishaps. His anxiety causes him to accidentally walk into a safe and later, he mistakenly withdraws all the money he had just deposited due to a checkbook error. These incidents leave the bank clerks astonished.

Expert Answers

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As soon as he sets foot in the bank, the narrator feels incredibly nervous. Everything about banks makes him feel jittery: the clerks, the sight of money, the little windows at the counters. All in all, a trip to the bank is a terrifying ordeal for the narrator.

In fact, the narrator's so nervous he accidentally blunders into a safe. More fun and games are in store when he makes his way to the counter. He'd originally planned to deposit fifty-six dollars, but then withdraw six dollars for personal use. (Why he didn't just deposit fifty dollars and keep the rest is a mystery. Perhaps it was all down to his feeling nervous).

In any case, when the narrator tries to draw a check on his account, he accidentally writes fifty-six instead of six in his checkbook. This means that, to the astonishment of the bank clerks, he ends up withdrawing all of the money he'd only just deposited in his account.

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