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(Great Characters in Literature)


Wally, played in the 1981 film by Wallace Shawn, who meets André Gregory for dinner after not communicating with him for several years. A thirty-six-year-old playwright and actor who grew up in wealthy circumstances on the Upper East Side of New York, he has lived in the city all of his life. As a youth, he was obsessed with art and music, but as an adult, he has become very concerned with money as well. Once a teacher of Latin, he has been living with Debby, his girlfriend, for some time. Wally has only reluctantly agreed to meet with André, because he is uncomfortable with the possibility that he may have to counsel his troubled acquaintance. Because he has an incurable interest in human foibles, he decides that finding out as much as possible about André will permit him to make the most of the evening. During the course of their conversation, however, he becomes more of a contributor than an interrogator, commenting on André’s observations and offering some of his own. Compared with André, Wally is a nonmeditative skeptic who loves simple material comforts that insulate him from an abrasive world. He provides narration both before and after the dinner.

André Gregory

André Gregory, played by André Gregory, a man born on May 11, 1934. Highly acclaimed as the director of The Manhattan Project theatrical company, he “discovered” Wally and produced his play Our Late Night. Also well regarded...

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