Chapters 9-15 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why did Jim want Lena to settle down with a town boy?

2. What reasons does Antonia give for wanting to work for the Cutters?

3. How did Wick Cutter say he got his start in life?

4. Under what condition does Mrs. Cutter threaten to leave Mr. Cutter?

5. Who does Jim compare to Snow White?

6. How does Tiny Soderball make Jim angry?

7. Who was the proprietor at the saloon that Jim visits?

8. Who does Jim consider “a professional ladies man?”

9. As Jim gets more lonely, who does he find for companionship?

10. Down by the river, with whom does Jim remember hunting?

1. To give all the country girls a better reputation in the town.

2. They pay more, they have no children, and the work is easy, giving her more free time.

3. Wick got his start by saving the money other men spent on cigars.

4. If he chopped down the cedar trees around the house and took away her privacy.

5. Antonia is compared to Snow White.

6. She tells the girls she heard that Jim’s grandmother wanted to make him a Baptist preacher.

7. Anton Jelinek, the Bohemian who visited the farm during Mr. Shimerda’s death.

8. Larry Donovan is a “professional ladies man.”

9. The telegrapher and the cigar-maker and his canaries.

10. Jim remembers hunting with Charley Harling.

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