Book V, Chapters 1-3 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What did Jim send Antonia when he was in Prague?

2. From what does Antonia make kolaches?

3. Where does the narrator tell us that life “comes and goes” at a farmhouse?

4. Where does the children’s teacher have the school picnic every year?

5. Who does Jim tell Antonia was once a great huntswoman but now shoots only clay pigeons?

6. What does Antonia do with her pictures of the old country?

7. What story does Charley Cuzak want Jim to tell?

8. How was Anton Cuzak dressed when Jim first met him?

9. What did the coroner find on Wick Cutter’s desk?

10. Who was Anton Cuzak’s cousin?

1. He sent her some photographs of her native village.

2. Antonia makes kolaches from spiced plums.

3. Life comes and goes by the back door.

4. She has the picnic in the Cuzak’s grape arbour.

5. The Queen of Italy was once a great huntswoman.

6. She framed them and hung them in the parlour.

7. He wants to hear the story of Jim killing the rattlesnake.

8. He arrives in the heat in his Sunday clothes, a tailored jacket and a polka-dot bow tie.

9. He found a letter stating that he shot his wife, invalidating her will.

10. Anton Jelinek was Anton Cuzak’s cousin.

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