Jim Burden

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As narrator, Jim Burden is Cather's persona—that is, he serves as a stand-in for the author. He comes to Nebraska at about the same age and...

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Ántonia Shimerda

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Ántonia is fourteen when she first meets Jim and gives him a ring. Her warmth and impulsiveness are immediately evident, the very...

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Mrs. Emmaline Burden

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Jim's sturdy grandmother runs an orderly, proper household, a counterpoint to the Shimerda's animal-like cave. Awareness of differences makes...

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Other Characters

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Grandmother Burden
See Mrs. Emmaline Burden.

Grandfather Burden
See Mr. Burden.

Mr. Burden

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Characters Developed

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My Antonia has a double protagonist, being at one and the same time the story of Antonia Shimerda and the story of how the narrator Jim...

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