Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Lieutenant William Bligh

Lieutenant William Bligh (bli), captain of HMS Bounty; strong, stout, dark-eyed, firm-mouthed, strong-voiced, he is a fanatical disciplinarian and a grafting exploiter of ship’s rationing. He is subject to fits of insane rage.

Roger Byam

Roger Byam, the narrator, a retired ship’s captain, at the time of the mutiny a young midshipman and student of languages who has been assigned the job of making a dictionary of the native dialects. He becomes quartermaster after the mutiny. He is acquitted of all complicity.

Fletcher Christian

Fletcher Christian, master’s mate, leader of the mutiny; tall, strong, swarthy, handsome, romantic-looking, resolute, moody. Unable to bear Bligh’s tyranny any longer, he takes charge of the ship, casts off Bligh with a group of loyal men in the ship’s launch, and becomes the new acting lieutenant, or captain.

George Stewart

George Stewart, midshipman friend of Byam. A nonmutineer who is appointed master’s mate after the mutiny, he drowns when the Pandora sinks.


Tehani, a tall, beautiful Tahitian girl, daughter of a high chief. She becomes Byam’s wife, bears him a daughter, and dies after he is taken to England.

Sir Joseph Banks

Sir Joseph Banks, a noted scientist and explorer, president of the Royal Society. He is responsible for Byam’s assignment as a dictionary maker.


Hitihiti, a chief and high priest, Byam’s taio (special friend), tall, magnificently proportioned, light-skinned, intelligent, humorous.


Peggy, a chief’s daughter, Stewart’s wife.


Maimiti, Christian’s sweetheart, Hitihiti’s niece, handsome, proud, shy. She goes away with Christian on the Bounty.

Robert Tinkler

Robert Tinkler, a midshipman whose testimony saves Byam, Muspratt, and Morrison.


Morrison, boatswain’s mate, a non-mutineer. He is pardoned.


Muspratt, able seaman, a non-mutineer also pardoned.




Burkitt, and


Millward, able seamen, mutineers who are convicted and hanged.

David Nelson

David Nelson, a botanist in charge of collecting breadfruit trees. He dies at Batavia.

Doctor Hamilton

Doctor Hamilton, the kindly doctor on the Pandora.

Captain Edwards

Captain Edwards, captain of the Pandora.