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What role did 2 Unlimited play in the mainstreaming of techno music?

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The appeal of Techno music was that it was primarily an element of the club scene.  Clubbing would be how Techno music was appreciated and it was not something for the mainstream.  Acts like 2 Unlimited were instrumental in bringing Techno to a more mainstream audience than Techno had experienced. One reason for this was that the music that 2 Unlimited produced was not very dark.  Infact, most of 2 Unlimited Techno is quite "family friendly."  It is enhanced through the use of songs like "Get Ready for This" and "Tribal Dance" in sporting events.  For example, "Get Ready for This" was the introduction for the Green Bay Packers at Super Bowl XLV as well as the team song for the Orlando Magic and San Antonio Spurs in the NBA.  The song's sports exposure can also be seen in its presence in National Hockey League stadiums as well as on ESPN sports anthem collections such as "Jock Jams."  At the same time, 2 Unlimited Techno songs have been featured in "family friendly" films such as The Lego Movie and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.  Use in such settings have helped to mainstream Techno music, making it more approachable for audiences.

In this respect, 2 Unlimited's songs have become mainstream.  They have helped to bring a style of Techno that is light, intended for a shared group consciousness.  The inclusion of 2 Unlimited in sports venues and films with a general audience reach have further helped to make the music more mainstream, and appreciated by a wider population than simply those who went to clubs that played Techno music.As a result, Techno music in the vein of 2 Unlimited is more mainstream.  

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