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What did the band Humble Pie contribute to music?

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Humble Pie was a British rock and roll band formed in 1969, a bit of a latecomer to the “British Invasion” but a commercially-successful group nonetheless.  Known mainly for the later emergence of guitarist Peter Frampton, who, as a solo act, would achieve enormous if short-term success with the songs “Show Me the Way,” “Baby I Love Your Way,” and “Do You Feel Like We Do,” Humble Pie had a an edgier sound than many of the other British groups, for example, Bad Finger, The Dave Clark Five, and The Beatles, who crossed the Atlantic during the 1960s to attain success in the United States, but wasn’t quite “heavy metal” on the order of other British groups like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, and a number of other hard rock groups.  Nineteen-seventy-one’s “Rock On” and the live album “Performance Rockin’ the Fillmore” represented the group’s emergence as a major act, with its post-Frampton 1972 album “Smokin’” marking the zenith of its commercial success in the lucrative American market.

In addition to Frampton, Humble Pie’s original lineup included guitarist Steve Marriott, bassist Greg Ridley, and drummer Jerry Shirley.  As with many bands, Humble Pie would experience a number of break-ups and changes over the ensuing years, with Marriott burning to death in 1991 reportedly from a cigarette-caused fire in his home.  In the meantime, Shirley had secured rights to the band’s name and reformed the group with only himself as an original member.  His near-death experience in an automobile accident in 1999 resulted in the band’s demise once again.  Following his recovery, Shirley reinstituted the band yet again, with Greg Ridley, but the latter’s illness and later death once again forced the band to shut down.  Humble Pie is remembered, other than for Frampton’s enormous success with his post-Humble Pie live solo album “Frampton Comes Alive,” for its blues influences and hard rock edge without passing into the “acid rock” of some of the aforementioned bands.

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