Murder on the Orient Express Part 2, Chapter 3 Summary

Agatha Christie

Part 2, Chapter 3 Summary

The Evidence of the Valet

The next person to be interviewed by Inspector Poirot is the Ratchett’s valet, a pale, unexpressive Englishman named Edward Henry Masterman. He is thirty-nine years old and lives in Clerkenwell, England. The valet was shocked to learn of his employer’s death, of course. Masterman last saw Ratchett at about nine o’clock last night when he performed his usual duties: hung up Ratchett’s clothes, put his dental plate to soak in a glass of water, and saw that Ratchett was set for the night.

These are his usual nightly tasks, but last night Ratchett did seem rather upset over a letter he had been reading. Ratchett demanded to know if Masterman had put the letter...

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