Murder on the Orient Express Part 1, Chapter 4 Summary

Agatha Christie

Part 1, Chapter 4 Summary

A Cry in the Night

At 8:45 that evening, the Simplon Orient Express arrives in Belgrade and will not leave again for thirty minutes. Poirot leaves the train but does not stay long on the platform because it is snowing. As he returns to his berth, Poirot meets the conductor who tells him his suitcases have been moved to compartment number one. Bouc has moved into the coach from Athens which has just been connected to the train.

Poirot protests the change, but Bouc insists this is for the best. Poirot is going all the way to England and should stay in the coach to Calais; Bouc is happier in the quieter coach, which is empty except for a little Greek doctor. He tells Poirot that more snow is...

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