Mules and Men Part II, Chapter Two: Questions and Answers
by Zora Neale Hurston

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Part II, Chapter Two: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Zora find out about Marie Leveau before she meets Luke Turner?

2. Why did white people believe that Marie Leveau performed a “hoodoo dance”?

3. When is the Eve of St. John’s?

4. During Marie Leveau’s curse, what does she command each of the winds to do to her enemy?

5. How many “psychic experiences” does Zora have during her 69 hours of fasting?

6. What symbol do Luke Turner and his hoodoo brothers paint on Zora’s body?

7. What does Zora eat from the feast first?

8. What should Zora do if she does not know the words of the chant?

9. Why does Turner make his client wait until twelve o’clock to see him?

10. How long will it be from the day Zora leaves until the day Luke Turner dies?

1. Zora finds out that Marie Leveau is mentioned in New Orleans guidebooks and discovers a painting of her on the walls of the Cabildo.

2. Marie Leveau did dance every week, but it was a pleasure dance. The white people who saw her didn’t realize that “hoodoo is private.”

3. The Eve of St. John’s is June 24th.

4. Marie commands the South wind to scorch her enemies’ bodies, the North wind to freeze their blood, the West wind to blow away their life so “that their finger nails shall fall off and their bones shall crumble,” and the East wind to make “their minds grow dark” and “their seed dry up.”

5. Zora has five psychic experiences during her fast.

6. Zora has the symbol of lightning painted down her back from her right shoulder to her left hip.

7. Zora is commanded to eat the spinach cakes first.

8. Zora should be silent if she does not know the words.

9. Turner commanded his client to show up at nine o’clock, but when she shows up at ten he makes her wait until twelve since nine and twelve are “benign” hours and ten is a “malignant” hour.

10. From the day Zora leaves, there is one year and seventy-nine days remaining in Luke Turner’s life.