Mules and Men Part II, Chapter Six: Questions and Answers
by Zora Neale Hurston

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Part II, Chapter Six: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Celestine ask her neighbor for some change?

2. What does Mrs. Grant throw against her own door to remove the spell placed there?

3. Of what is the wealthy Middle Georgia landowner proud?

4. What is being served the night the landowner kills his servant girl?

5. Why does the family of the killed girl move away?

6. What is the landowner’s daughter’s name?

7. How will the hoodoo woman know who placed the curse on Levi Conway?

8. What does Pere Voltaire ask for at Levi’s house?

9. What do Pierre Landeau, his brother, and his cousin find underneath Pere Voltaire’s boat?

10. Why do Pierre Landeau, his brother, and his cousin become sick?

1. Celestine asks for some nickels from her neighbor in order to perform a hoodoo ritual against her.

2. She throws the urine of her three sons against the door along with some lye dissolved in river water.

3. The landowner is proud of the fact that he is “unreconstructed.”

4. They were eating “a huge rib-roast of beef” for dinner.

5. The family of the killed servant girl “knew better than to expect any justice” and “knew better than to make too much fuss about what had happened.”

6. The landowner’s daughter’s name is Abbie.

7. After she performs a ritual, she says that the next person who visits Levi and asks to borrow two things will be the one who placed the curse on Levi.

8. Pere Voltaire first asks for two eggs, then for a wheelbarrow.

9. The boys find “a great deal of junk” under the boat, “bundles tied up in rags, old bottles and cans, and the like.”

10. The three boys become sick because they tampered with Pere Voltaire’s belongings and threw them in the river. It is unknown, however, how Pere Voltaire knew that it was the three boys who did this.