Mules and Men Part II, Chapter One: Questions and Answers
by Zora Neale Hurston

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Part II, Chapter One: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Zora decide to stop collecting folklore?

2. How many people study hoodoo in America?

3. When was Man created by God?

4. What does Man know about God?

5. What is a “Big John de Conqueror?”

6. How does Mrs. White protect herself from spells?

7. How can Rachel Silas get rid of her adversary?

8. Why do the women send Zora to see Eulalia?

9. Why can’t Eulalia’s client marry Jerry Moore without the hoodoo doctor’s help?

10. Why does Eulalia refuse money from her client?

1. There was only so much money for her project, and she still had not collected anything on hoodoo.

2. Zora maintains that there are thousands of Americans who study and practice hoodoo, but there is no way of knowing an exact number since members are so secretive.

3. Man was made “...around half-past five on the sixth day.”

4. Because Man was created so late, “all they could know was that God made everything to pass and perish except stones.”

5. It is a root often used in hoodoo.

6. She sprinkles mustard seed around her doorway before she sleeps.

7. She needs to throw some salt behind her adversary when she leaves her gate.

8. Since Zora wants to be involved with hoodoo, and the women know that it is a dangerous business, they send her to Eulalia because “she don’t do nothin’ but good.”

9. Jerry Moore’s wife has already cast a hoodoo spell that prevents him from leaving her.

10. Eulalia doesn’t want to be paid until the work is done.