Mules and Men Part II, Chapter Five: Summary and Analysis

Zora Neale Hurston

Part II, Chapter Five: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Dr. Duke: a hoodoo doctor who specializes in the collection of herbs and roots.

Dr. Samuel Jenkins: a man who specializes in reading the future through cards.

James Beasley: a man awaiting trial for assault.

Zora tells about the time she spent with two hoodoo specialists. Dr. Duke is known as a “swamper” since he spends most of his time in the swamps collecting the herbs and roots that are important to the practice of hoodoo. Dr. Duke is a practitioner as well and has two specialties, which are outlined in this chapter. His first specialty is law cases, both criminal and civil. Zora assists Dr. Duke in many rituals involving the aid of those...

(The entire section is 500 words.)