Mules and Men Part I, Chapter Ten: Summary and Analysis

Zora Neale Hurston

Part I, Chapter Ten: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Mack C. Ford: an excellent storyteller living in Mulberry.

Good Bread: a heavy-set woman with a temper who tries to break up the storytelling session.

Zora travels around Polk County and stops at various phosphate towns such as Mulberry, Pierce, and Lakeland. She starts up another storytelling contest and meets Mack Ford, an expert storyteller. He tells her why the porpoise’s tail is crooked, why the dog and the cat are enemies, and why people say “unh hunh.” One of his jokes, however, offends Good Bread, who brandishes a knife and threatens to cut him. Although Zora is scared, the other townspeople tell Good Bread to go away, and Zora leaves without...

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