Mules and Men Part I, Chapter Nine: Summary and Analysis

Zora Neale Hurston

Part I, Chapter Nine: Summary and Analysis

New Character:
The Quarters-Boss: the white man who is in charge of the personnel down in the swamps.

At the jook joint, Big Sweet gets into a big card game and impresses everyone with her risky bets. She ends up winning a big pot and gives her money to Zora. Zora, however, is nervous because she has heard rumors that trouble was going to start at the party and Big Sweet may be in danger.

When Lucy is seen talking to Ella Wall, Big Sweet realizes that Lucy is telling Ella that Big Sweet had threatened Ella and Joe Willard during the fishing trip. Zora is scared because she knows that Lucy is already jealous of her. Ella starts yelling insults at Big Sweet in order to provoke...

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