Mules and Men Part I, Chapter Eight: Summary and Analysis

Zora Neale Hurston

Part I, Chapter Eight: Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Dad Boykin: an old man living in Polk County.

With the fishing trip winding down, Dad Boykin tells one final tale of John’s fight with the lion in order to discover who was king of the world. After the tale is told, the men gather up their fish and everyone heads for home. Jim Allen starts to comment about how young people don’t know how to eat fish properly, and when he is teased by the others he teaches them how to eat fish. Dad Boykin then gives the younger people a lesson on how to warm themselves by the fire.

As the group reaches the shacks, there is talk of the big party that night; talk is made of whether Joe Willard and Big Sweet will fight later,...

(The entire section is 916 words.)