Much Ado About Nothing Act V, Scene 3 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act V, Scene 3 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where does the action take place?

2. What is the action?

3. Who reads the epitaph to Hero?

4. After reading the epitaph, what does Claudio do with the scroll?

5. Who sings the hymn to Hero?

6. Who is the goddess of the night?

7. How often does Claudio vow to perform this rite?

8. At what time of day do they end their rite?

9. Who dismisses the mourning company?

10. What will Claudio and Don Pedro do next?

1. The action takes place at the tomb of Hero, in the monument of Leonato.

2. The action is a public rite of mourning.

3. Claudio reads the epitaph to Hero.

After reading the epitaph, Claudio hangs up the scroll. Balthasar sings the hymn to Hero.

6. Diana, the moon goddess and patroness of chastity, is the goddess of the night.

7. Claudio vows to do this rite yearly.

8. They end their rite at dawn.

9. Don Pedro dismisses the mourning company.

10. Claudio and Don Pedro will change their clothes and proceed to Leonato's.