Illustration of Hero wearing a mask

Much Ado About Nothing

by William Shakespeare

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Act III, Scene 5 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Where does this scene take place?

2. Who visits Leonato in this scene?

3. Why doesn't Leonato listen to them carefully? 4.When Dogberry describes Verges' wits as not so blunt, what did he really mean?

5.What is Dogberry's response when Leonato tells him he is tedious?

6. What is Leonato's response when he finally understands that they have apprehended two people?

7. What hospitality does Leonato offer Dogberry and Verges before he leaves?

8. What message is brought to Leonato?

9. What direction does Dogberry give to Verges?

10. Why does Dogberry want a learned writer?

1. This scene takes place in the hail of Leonato's house.

2. Constable Dogberry and Headborough Verges visit Leonato.

3. Leonato doesn't listen to them carefully because he is distracted with the wedding, and in a hurry to get there.

4. Dogberry meant that Verges' wits were not so sharp.

5. Dogberry, upon being told that he is tedious, returns the compliment.

6. Leonato tells them to take the examination and to bring it to him.

7. Leonato offers wine to Dogberry and Verges.

8. The messenger tells Leonato that the wedding party is waiting for him to give his daughter in marriage.

9. Dogberry directs Verges to go to Francis Seacoal and bid him bring his pen and inkhorn to the jail.

10. Dogberry wants a learned writer to set down their excommunication (examination).

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