Illustration of Hero wearing a mask

Much Ado About Nothing

by William Shakespeare

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Act III, Scene 3 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Who gives the charge to the watch?

2. How does Dogberry instruct: the watch to handle a thief?

3. What is the meaning of the phrase, "my elbow itched"?

4. In what manner does Borachio utter all to Conrade?

5. What does Borachio call a thief?

6. From where did Don John, Don Pedro, and Claudio witness Borachio wooing Margaret in Hero's name?

7. Who believed the staged deceit?

8. What did Claudio swear to do and why?

9. Who charges Borachio and Conrade?

10. How does the watch describe Borachio and Conrade?

1. Dogberry gives the charge to the watch.

2. Dogberry instructs the watch to, if they take a thief, let him show himself what he is and steal away out of your company.

3. "My elbow itched" is a proverbial warning against questionable companions.

4. Borachio, like a true drunkard, utters all to Conrade.

5. Borachio calls fashion a thief.

6. Don John, Don Pedro, and Claudio were in the orchard when they witnessed Borachio woo Margaret in Hero's name.

7. Don Pedro and Claudio believed the staged deceit.

8. Claudio, enraged, swore to disgrace Hero before the congregation the next morning at their wedding ceremony.

9. Seacoal charges Borachio and Conrade.

10. The watch describe Borachio and Conrade as "the most dangerous piece of lechery that ever was known in the commonwealth.

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