Illustration of Hero wearing a mask

Much Ado About Nothing

by William Shakespeare

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Act III, Scene 1 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. On whom do Hero and Ursula play the gull?

2. Where is Beatrice during this scene?

3. Who told Hero that Benedick was in love with Beatrice?

4. What character defects does Hero ascribe to Beatrice?

5. How would Beatrice treat a fair-faced man?

6. Why does Hero say it is useless to mention these defects of character to Beatrice?

7. What counsel does Hero intend to give to Benedick?

8. Which scene in the play does this one parallel?

9. How does Cupid kill?

10. Which faults does Beatrice willingly give up in her soliloquy?

1. Hero and Ursula play the gull on Beatrice.

2. Beatrice is hidden in the honeysuckle arbor.

3. Don Pedro and Claudio told Hero that Benedick was in love with Beatrice.

4. Hero states that Beatrice is disdainful, scornful, and full of intellectual pride.

5. Beatrice would swear that the gentleman be her sister.

6. Hero says that it is useless to mention these defects of character to Beatrice because Beatrice would respond with mockery.

7. Hero intends to counsel Benedick to fight against his passions.

8. This scene parallels the preceding scene, in which Benedick was similarly gulled.

9. Cupid kills some with arrows, some with traps.

10. Beatrice willingly surrenders contempt and maiden pride in her soliloquy.

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