Much Ado About Nothing Act II, Scene 2 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act II, Scene 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is the first thing that Borachio tells Don John?

2. Who is the architect of the plan to slander Hero?

3. What does Don John state would be medicinable to him?

4. What did Borachio tell Don John a year ago?

5. What role has been assigned to Don John in this plan?

6. Who will be mistaken for Hero?

7. What role will Borachio play?

8. What effect do the plotters expect to have on the prince, Claudio, Hero, and Leonato?

9. How is the only way the plan will succeed?

10. How much will Don John pay Borachio for his deceit?

1. The first thing Borachio tells Don John is that he can cross the marriage between Claudio and Hero.

2. Borachio is the architect of the plan to slander Hero.

3. Don John states that any cross, any impediment to the marriage of Claudio would be medicinable to him.

4. Borachio told Don John that he is in the favor of Margaret, Hero's waiting- gentlewoman.

5. Don John's role is to first plant the slander in Don Pedro's mind and then to offer him proof.

6. Margaret will be mistaken for Hero.

7. Borachio will play the role of Hero's lover.

8. The plotters intend to misuse the prince, to vex Claudio, to undo Hero, and to kill Leonato.

9. The plan will only succeed if Don John can first convince Don Pedro that his honor has been sullied by arranging the alliance between Claudio and Hero.

10. Don John will pay Borachio a thousand ducats for his deceit.