Much Ado About Nothing Act II, Scene 3 Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act II, Scene 3 Summary and Analysis

New Character: Boy: sent by Benedick to fetch a book

The scene takes place in Leonato's garden. Benedick reflects on love and marriage. He hides himself in the arbor when Don Pedro, Leonato, and Claudio enter. Pretending not to note his presence, they listen as Balthasar sings a song about the deceptions of men. Then they speak of Beatrice's love for Benedick, which they claim they learned from Hero. Benedick does not believe it to be a gull because Leonato is involved. They detail the depth of Beatrice's passion and frustration, fearful that she will harm herself because of it, then list her virtues. They agree that Benedick is too scornful to be told of the matter and...

(The entire section is 793 words.)