The Ms. Money Book

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

In a book that ranges from generalizations to case study, from IRA’s to sample tax forms, Emily Card presents a truly comprehensive guide to money management that is designed specifically for women but that contains much universal information. Card begins, in a section entitled “The Concept,” with introductory material regarding the principles behind growth, the philosophies of budgeting, and the tax factor. She next delves into a series of case studies that delineate how people at various levels of income and in diverse circumstances can best ensure security for the future and economic growth. Herein, the reader can examine in minute detail the expenditures, budgeting plans, and savings plans of women with incomes ranging from $14,400 to $185,000 per year, who are married and never married, divorcing and divorced, and with children and without. The conclusion discusses women’s place in the United States and the world today and in the past, with an emphasis on the power of political action and women’s changing circumstances. The book ends with a set of appendices concerning such things as wills and organizations devoted to women entrepreneurs.

THE MS. MONEY BOOK is very useful not only as an introductory explanation of financial matters but also as a personal workbook from which the reader can assess her own financial situation and potential growth. This is an intelligent book that does not condescend to women who find themselves unable to manage their money but rather assumes that everyone can use some guidance and objective advice when trying to find the most advantageous route to savings and growth.