Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle Summary

Dorothy Gilman

Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Emily Reed-Pollifax works undercover for the Central Intelligence Agency on selected assignments. On the verge of departure for Thailand purely as a tourist, Mrs. Pollifax and her husband, Cyrus Reed, agree to deliver a small package in Chiang Mai and receive some concealed information in return. What the CIA promised would be a simple courier mission turns into high adventure when Mrs. Pollifax finds her supposed contact murdered, her husband kidnapped, and a Thai teak smuggler as her only ally. Through the jungles of the Golden Triangle, the haunt of the Thai underworld, Mrs. Pollifax and her companion, Bonchoo, are both pursuer and pursued as they follow Cyrus’ elusive trail. The opium trade, a Thai government coup, and the covert operations of both the CIA and the United States Drug Enforcement Agency all figure in the intrigue as Mrs. Pollifax struggles against all the odds to find her missing husband and survive a routine mission turned suddenly ugly.

Mrs. Pollifax is a delightful and unlikely undercover agent. She works her way with charm and efficiency through her eighth adventure in the Mrs. Pollifax series. Thailand, with its exotic temples and vast jungles, is an ideal setting for this fast-paced story of international intrigue whose ending is never anticipated by the reader. For an evening of light, entertaining reading, this book is highly recommended.