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1. How important are minor characters, such as Isabella, Jeremy, Owl, or the Frisby children? What do they add to the story?

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2. Settings such as the woods, Owl's tree, Thorn Valley, or the NIMH laboratory are used in the novel to represent a conflict, character, or theme. Explain how specific settings achieve this.

3. Jenner and Nicodemus present two different views of life for the rat colony. What are those views? How does each view demonstrate what each has learned from NIMH? How useful is each view?

4. Mr. Frisby used to say, "All doors are hard to unlock until you have the key." All right. She [Mrs. Frisby] must try to find the key. But where? Whom to ask?" What "key" does she and other characters use to solve their problems?

5. Mrs. Frisby is first recognized by Owl, Mr. Ages, and the rats because she was Jonathan's wife, and her first name, unlike other characters, is never given. Justin may think that drugging the cat, Dragon, is "no job for a lady," but Mrs. Frisby does it anyway. What expectations do characters have of Mrs. Frisby? How does she overcome these stereotypes?

6. The movie The Secret of NIMH presents a very different ending to the story. How is the conflict and resolution different from the novel? What themes and ideas are important to each?

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