Part 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. When she hears the sound of windows opening, how old does Clarissa remember being at Bourton?

2. How does Clarissa remember Peter’s letters?

3. In what part of London has Clarissa lived for twenty years?

4. What street does Clarissa cross as Big Ben strikes the hour?

5. What is Hugh Whitbread carrying when Clarissa sees him?

6. What is Clarissa oddly conscious of while talking with Hugh?

7. To what does Clarissa liken her hatred of Doris Kilman?

8. Why does Clarissa hate Doris Kilman?

9. What color are the hands of Mrs. Pym, the florist?

10. What does Clarissa assume about the car’s backfire?

1. When she hears the sound of windows opening, Clarissa remembers being eighteen at Bourton.

2. Clarissa remembers Peter’s letters as being awfully dull.

3. The part of London in which Clarissa (and her husband and daughter) has lived for twenty years is Westminster.

4. Clarissa crosses Victoria Street as Big Ben strikes the hour.

5. Hugh Whitbread is carrying a despatch box stamped with the Royal Arms when he sees Clarissa.

6. Clarissa is oddly conscious of her hat while talking with Hugh.

7. Clarissa likens her hatred of Doris Kilman to a monster in the woods of her own soul.

8. Clarissa hates Doris Kilman, because the latter is intolerably overbearing. Clarissa feels that “she was never in the room for five minutes without making you feel her superiority, your inferiority; how poor she was; how rich you were”.

9. Mrs. Pym’s hands are bright red, as if they had been soaking in cold water with her flowers.

10. Clarissa assumes that the car’s backfire was a pistol shot.

Part 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Whose car does Edgar J. Watkiss believe has just passed?

2. Who does Lucrezia wonder was in the car?

3. Where does the car proceed?

4. What does Septimus say that so upsets Lucrezia?

5. How does Septimus interpret the smoke letters made by the plane?

6. What does Lucrezia tell her mother, to explain Septimus’ behavior?

7. To where does Maisie Johnson ask Septimus and Lucrezia for directions?

8. What question does Maisie Johnson ask herself?

9. What had Mrs. Dempster always longed for?

10. What does the airplane seem to be a symbol of, as Mr. Bentley sees it?

1. Edgar J. Watkiss believes that the Prime Minister’s car has just passed.

2. Lucrezia wonders if the Queen was in the car, perhaps to go shopping.

3. The car proceeds toward Piccadilly, a famous square in London.

4. What Septimus says to upset Lucrezia is, “I will kill myself.”

5. Septimus interprets the smoke letters made by the plane to be signals sent to him.

6. To explain Septimus’ behavior, Lucrezia tells her mother that “Septimus has been working too hard.”

7. Maisie Johnson asks Septimus and Lucrezia for directions to Regent’s Park Station.

8. Maisie Johnson asks herself why she hadn’t stayed at home, meaning Edinburgh, Scotland.

9. Mrs. Dempster had always longed to see foreign lands.

10. As Mr. Bentley sees it, the airplane is a symbol of man’s soul.

Part 3 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Clarissa hand to Lucy?

2. Why would Clarissa have liked to have been invited to Millicent Bruton’s lunch party?

3. What word describes Clarissa’s bed in the attic?

4. About which moment in Baron Marbot’s military career is Clarissa reading?

5. What is Clarissa’s first impression of Sally Seton?

6. How had Sally arranged flowers in such a different fashion from what Clarissa’s Aunt Helen was accustomed?

7. What quotation from Shakespeare’s Othello did Clarissa remember in connection with Sally?

8. What did Sally ask from Joseph Breitkopf?

9. What does Clarissa finally decide about her feelings regarding not being invited to Lady Bruton’s lunch?

10. What does Lucy offer to do that so pleases Clarissa?

1. Clarissa hands her parasol to Lucy.

2. Clarissa would have wanted to attend Millicent Bruton’s lunch party because they are said to be extraordinarily amusing.

3. “Narrow” is the word used to describe Clarissa’s bed in the attic.

4. Clarissa reads about Baron Marbot’s retreat from Moscow.

5. Clarissa’s first impression of Sally Seton is of Sally sitting on the floor, with her arms around her knees, smoking a cigarette.

6. Instead of using the many little vases in Bourton, Sally had cut the heads off the flowers and made them float in a bowl of water. Clarissa thought that the effect was extraordinary, but her Aunt Helen thought that it was a wicked way to treat flowers.

7. In connection to Sally, Clarissa thought of the quotation “I fit were now to die ‘twere now to be most happy.”

8. Sally asked Joseph Breitkopf (another guest at Bourton that summer) to tell her the names of the stars.

9. Clarissa finally decides that feeling vain or suspicious about not being invited to Lady Bruton’s lunch is utterly base.

10. Clarissa is very pleased by Lucy’s offer to mend Clarissa’s dress. Clarissa refuses, saying that Lucy has enough on her hands already.

Part 4 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who tries to prevent Peter from going upstairs to see Clarissa?

2. What does Clarissa try to hide as she hears footsteps upon the stairs?

3. With whom does Peter say he often wished he had gotten along better?

4. To whom is Peter’s beloved already married?

5. Who are the solicitors (lawyers) with whom Peter is arranging Daisy’s divorce?

6. From what college was Peter “sent down” (expelled)?

7. To what sudden and odd conclusion does Clarissa come regarding Richard lunching at Lady Bruton’s?

8. What words are used to describe the way that Clarissa introduces Elizabeth to Peter?

9. To what is the sound of Big Ben striking the half hour compared?

10. What does Peter stuff into his pocket immediately before leaving?

1. Lucy tries to prevent Peter from going upstairs to see Clarissa.

2. As she hears footsteps upon the stairs, Clarissa tries to hide the dress she is mending.

3. Peter says he often wished he had gotten along better with Clarissa’s father, Justin Parry.

4. Peter’s beloved, Daisy, is already married to a Major in the Indian Army.

5. The lawyers with whom Peter is arranging Daisy’s divorce are Messrs. Hooper and Grateley.

6. The college from which Peter was expelled is Oxford.

7. The sudden and odd conclusion to which Clarissa comes regarding Richard lunching at Lady Bruton’s is that he has left her.

8. The words used to describe the way that Clarissa introduces Elizabeth to Peter are “emotionally” and “histrionically.”

9. The sound of Big Ben striking the half hour is compared to “a young man, strong, inconsiderate, indifferent,” “swinging dumbbells this way and that.”

10. Peter stuffs his handkerchief into his pocket immediately before leaving.

Part 5 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. As Peter walks the street after leaving Clarissa’s, what time is it?

2. What question does Peter ask himself regarding Clarissa?

3. At what statue does Peter stare and glare as he thinks of Clarissa and “her set”?

4. What are the boys in uniform carrying?

5. In what famous London square does Peter see the attractive young woman?

6. What does Peter imagine asking the young woman?

7. What does Peter imagine himself to be as he follows the young woman?

8. What does Peter remember about Regent’s Park?

9. To what does the narrator liken the old gray nurse?

10. What is the central image of the meditation that follows Peter’s having fallen asleep?

1. As Peter walks the street after leaving Clarissa’s, the time is half past eleven.

2. Peter asks himself why Clarissa gives her parties.

3. Peter stands staring and glaring at the statue of the Duke of Cambridge as he thinks about Clarissa and “her set.”

4. The boys in uniform are carrying guns.

5. Peter sees the attractive young woman in Trafalgar Square.

6. Peter imagines inviting the young woman to have an ice with him.

7. Peter imagines himself to be an adventurer as he follows the young woman.

8. Peter remembers walking in Regent’s Park when he was a boy.

9. To the narrator, the old gray nurse seems like the champion of the rights of sleepers or a spectral presence found in the woods.

10. The central image of the meditation that follows Peter’s noonday snooze is that of the solitary traveller.

Part 6 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Peter Walsh awaken at Regent’s Park?

2. How was the married housemaid who visited Bourton dressed?

3. Whose soul had Peter instinctively decided had died, and why?

4. What was the name of Clarissa’s dog?

5. What was the great bond between Peter and Sally?

6. How had Clarissa first introduced Richard Dalloway?

7. What did Sally Seton call Richard Dalloway?

8. What had Peter called Clarissa that caused her discomfort?

9. At what time had Peter asked Clarissa to meet him at the fountain?

10. What had Peter scribbled at the end of the note to Clarissa?

1. Peter Walsh awakens very suddenly at Regent’s Park.

2. The married housemaid who visited Bourton was dressed “like a cockatoo.”

3. Peter had decided, instinctively, that Clarissa’s soul had
died, because of her prudish reaction to the minor scandal of the man and his housemaid.

4. The name of Clarissa’s dog was Rob.

5. The great bond between Peter and Sally was that Clarissa’s father, Justin Parry, disliked both of them intensely.

6. Clarissa first introduced Richard Dalloway as “Wickham.”

7. Sally Seton called Richard Dalloway “My name is Dalloway!”

8. Peter had called Clarissa “the perfect hostess,” where upon she winced.

9. Peter had asked Clarissa to meet him at the fountain at three o’clock.

10. Peter had scribbled “Something very important has happened” at the end of the note to Clarissa.

Part 7 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Peter Walsh decide regarding Regent’s Park?

2. What was little Elise doing before she ran into the woman’s legs?

3. What does Lucrezia Smith do when a small child runs into her legs?

4. What doctor had said that there was nothing wrong with Septimus?

5. What does Lucrezia say has grown so thin?

6. What does Septimus imagine is happening to the dog that sniffs at his trousers?

7. What does Septimus imagine is played among the traffic?

8. What word does Septimus think of as splitting its husk?

9. Where are the dead located in the song that Septimus hears Evans sing?

10. What is the...

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Part 8 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. According to Peter’s experiences, what happened to one’s views about women after coming back from India?

2. What are two of the changes that Peter sees in England in the five years he’s been away?

3. In which city is Sally living with her rich husband, much to Peter’s surprise?

4. About which antediluvian (ancient) topic does Peter remember Sally and Hugh arguing about at Bourton?

5. What does Peter envision Hugh doing in his job at Court?

6. How much does Peter assume that Hugh earns per year?

7. How much does Peter assume that he must earn per year?

8. What specific event at Bourton summarizes Peter’s...

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Part 9 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. From what location does the nonsense song issue?

2. Who gives the old woman a coin?

3. Why had Septimus left home as a mere boy?

4. Off of what road had Septimus lodged once he first got to London?

5. At what firm is Mr. Brewer, Septimus’ supervisor, a managing clerk?

6. What would Lucrezia say matters most?

7. What did Septimus, staring through a train window, think might be possible?

8. Off what road did Septimus and Lucrezia take admirable lodgings in London?

9. What did Septimus decide that Shakespeare loathed?

10. To what did Septimus compare the sound of Lucrezia crying?


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Part 10 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where does Dr. Holmes go when he feels the way he thinks Septimus feels?

2. How many children does Dr. Holmes have?

3. What was the great revelation that Septimus had, and where was Rezia at the time?

4. What did Septimus call Dr. Holmes, when the latter came to visit after Septimus’ revelation?

5. Where does Holmes suggest the Smiths go if they have no confidence in him?

6. Where does Bradshaw’s son go to school?

7. What did Bradshaw realize the moment he saw Septimus?

8. What gives Bradshaw the impression that Septimus is successful in his career?

9. What, just before leaving, does Bradshaw suggest...

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Part 11 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Is Hugh described as one who “goes deeply”?

2. Is Miss Brush’s brother doing well in South Africa?

3. How does Lady Bruton express her preference for Richard Dalloway over Hugh Whitbread?

4. How old is Lady Bruton?

5. What is Richard Dalloway’s opinion of Bruton’s idea in the letter?

6. What has Richard Dalloway always meant to do when he has “a moment of leisure”?

7. On the corner of what street do Richard and Hugh pause?

8. What pieces of information is Richard surprised to find that the head jeweler possesses?

9. What does Hugh do that disgusts Richard?

10. What would Richard...

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Part 12 Questions and Answers

Study Questions/b>
1. Whom had Richard and Clarissa not spoken of in years?

2. What does Richard see in Piccadilly Circus (a famous London landmark, comparable to New York’s Times Square) that particularly makes him irate?

3. What is Richard doing about the police?

4. How is Richard carrying the flowers for Clarissa?

5. What building does Richard think cannot be denied a certain dignity?

6. What is Richard’s response when asked about Ellie Henderson?

7. Where does Clarissa place the flowers Richard brought?

8. What does Clarissa imagine that people do, or will, say about her?

9. About what does Clarissa feel after...

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Part 13 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What kind of flower is Elizabeth compared to?

2. With what words does Miss Kilman sum up Richard’s and Clarissa’s attitudes toward her?

3. What exactly has Miss Kilman been hired to do?

4. Where does Miss Kilman think that Mrs. Dalloway, and all the other fine ladies, should be?

5. What did Clarissa yell to Elizabeth as the latter left?

6. When Clarissa thinks about the destructive power of love, who in particular occurs to her as an example?

7. Why and for how long does Miss Kilman think about Russia?

8. What does Elizabeth feel is the one pleasure left to Miss Kilman?

9. What does Kilman say about...

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Part 14 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. When Elizabeth leaves, whom does Kilman feel has triumphed?

2. Where are the trunks Kilman runs into meant to be taken?

3. Why, according to the narrator, does Mr. Fletcher not stop and talk with Kilman?

4. On what street does Elizabeth wait for an omnibus?

5. According to Clarissa, what does Elizabeth’s friendship with Kilman prove?

6. Where is Clarissa as she thinks this?

7. What did Kilman say regarding Elizabeth’s future?

8. Why, exactly, does Elizabeth have to be going home?

9. Toward what does Elizabeth walk a little?

10. In what manner does Elizabeth board the Westminster omnibus?...

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Part 15 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Exactly what, according to Septimus’ perceptions, is Nature signifying?

2. What did both Holmes and Bradshaw say was the worst thing for Septimus?

3. What did Mrs. Filmer give Rezia that morning?

4. What does Septimus say about the hat for Mrs. Peters?

5. Why does working on the hat make Septimus proud of it?

6. What was the doom that Septimus had sensed in Milan?

7. Of what had Septimus reminded Rezia when she first saw him?

8. With what does Rezia tie up the bundle of Septimus’ drawings?

9. What does Dr. Holmes call Septimus?

10. Whom does Dr. Holmes say is to blame for the suicide?


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Part 16 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Peter think that one might do in privacy?

2. Who had influenced Peter more than Clarissa had?

3. Did Peter need much effort to read one of Clarissa’s letters?

4. What does Peter think he would do when he retires?

5. What does Peter realize has been his undoing?

6. Does Peter decide that he is jealous by temperament?

7. What specific words uttered by Peter win him the respect of others?

8. What does Peter want to ask Richard at the party?

9. What news are the paperboys proclaiming?

10. What does the narrator say the brain and body must do, as Peter approaches the party?


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Part 17 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Lucy’s reaction to seeing Elizabeth dressed for the party?

2. What has Mr. Dalloway sent for from the Emperor’s cellars?

3. How does Clarissa greet everyone at the party?

4. Is Peter pleased that he came to the party?

5. What is the minor gesture that reassures Clarissa about the party?

6. What is the main thing that makes Ellie Henderson afraid and nervous?

7. How are Ellie and Clarissa related?

8. What do the guests feel as they see the Prime Minister enter?

9. What does Clarissa say that she would like to have had at the party?

10. What does Lady Bruton feel that Richard...

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Part 18 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Is Bradshaw making a connection between what delayed him and politics?

2. About what had the Prime Minister and Lady Bruton been talking?

3. Into what had Clarissa once thrown a shilling?

4. What surprised Clarissa when she looked out her window?

5. How had Sally once described the cauliflower leaves at Bourton?

6. What is the only thing that Peter knew about Sally’s husband?

7. According to Sally, had Hugh once kissed her?

8. Had Sally ever invited the Dalloways to come for a visit?

9. What does Peter say has spoiled his life?

10. What does Sally say about Clarissa and Richard that made...

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