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Part 9 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. From what location does the nonsense song issue?

2. Who gives the old woman a coin?

3. Why had Septimus left home as a mere boy?

4. Off of what road had Septimus lodged once he first got to London?

5. At what firm is Mr. Brewer, Septimus’ supervisor, a managing clerk?

6. What would Lucrezia say matters most?

7. What did Septimus, staring through a train window, think might be possible?

8. Off what road did Septimus and Lucrezia take admirable lodgings in London?

9. What did Septimus decide that Shakespeare loathed?

10. To what did Septimus compare the sound of Lucrezia crying?

1. The nonsense song issues from the...

(The entire section is 210 words.)