Part 6 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How does Peter Walsh awaken at Regent’s Park?

2. How was the married housemaid who visited Bourton dressed?

3. Whose soul had Peter instinctively decided had died, and why?

4. What was the name of Clarissa’s dog?

5. What was the great bond between Peter and Sally?

6. How had Clarissa first introduced Richard Dalloway?

7. What did Sally Seton call Richard Dalloway?

8. What had Peter called Clarissa that caused her discomfort?

9. At what time had Peter asked Clarissa to meet him at the fountain?

10. What had Peter scribbled at the end of the note to Clarissa?

1. Peter Walsh awakens very suddenly at Regent’s Park.

2. The married housemaid who visited Bourton was dressed “like a cockatoo.”

3. Peter had decided, instinctively, that Clarissa’s soul had
died, because of her prudish reaction to the minor scandal of the man and his housemaid.

4. The name of Clarissa’s dog was Rob.

5. The great bond between Peter and Sally was that Clarissa’s father, Justin Parry, disliked both of them intensely.

6. Clarissa first introduced Richard Dalloway as “Wickham.”

7. Sally Seton called Richard Dalloway “My name is Dalloway!”

8. Peter had called Clarissa “the perfect hostess,” where upon she winced.

9. Peter had asked Clarissa to meet him at the fountain at three o’clock.

10. Peter had scribbled “Something very important has happened” at the end of the note to Clarissa.

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