Mrs. Dalloway Part 2 Questions and Answers
by Virginia Woolf

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Part 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Whose car does Edgar J. Watkiss believe has just passed?

2. Who does Lucrezia wonder was in the car?

3. Where does the car proceed?

4. What does Septimus say that so upsets Lucrezia?

5. How does Septimus interpret the smoke letters made by the plane?

6. What does Lucrezia tell her mother, to explain Septimus’ behavior?

7. To where does Maisie Johnson ask Septimus and Lucrezia for directions?

8. What question does Maisie Johnson ask herself?

9. What had Mrs. Dempster always longed for?

10. What does the airplane seem to be a symbol of, as Mr. Bentley sees it?

1. Edgar J. Watkiss believes that the Prime Minister’s car has just passed.

2. Lucrezia wonders if the Queen was in the car, perhaps to go shopping.

3. The car proceeds toward Piccadilly, a famous square in London.

4. What Septimus says to upset Lucrezia is, “I will kill myself.”

5. Septimus interprets the smoke letters made by the plane to be signals sent to him.

6. To explain Septimus’ behavior, Lucrezia tells her mother that “Septimus has been working too hard.”

7. Maisie Johnson asks Septimus and Lucrezia for directions to Regent’s Park Station.

8. Maisie Johnson asks herself why she hadn’t stayed at home, meaning Edinburgh, Scotland.

9. Mrs. Dempster had always longed to see foreign lands.

10. As Mr. Bentley sees it, the airplane is a symbol of man’s soul.