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Part 17 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Lucy’s reaction to seeing Elizabeth dressed for the party?

2. What has Mr. Dalloway sent for from the Emperor’s cellars?

3. How does Clarissa greet everyone at the party?

4. Is Peter pleased that he came to the party?

5. What is the minor gesture that reassures Clarissa about the party?

6. What is the main thing that makes Ellie Henderson afraid and nervous?

7. How are Ellie and Clarissa related?

8. What do the guests feel as they see the Prime Minister enter?

9. What does Clarissa say that she would like to have had at the party?

10. What does Lady Bruton feel that Richard Dalloway’s marriage cost him?

1. Seeing Elizabeth looking so lovely, Lucy couldn’t take her eyes off her.

2. Mr. Dalloway has sent for tokay (a variety of brandy) from the Emperor’s cellars.


(The entire section is 280 words.)