Part 16 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What does Peter think that one might do in privacy?

2. Who had influenced Peter more than Clarissa had?

3. Did Peter need much effort to read one of Clarissa’s letters?

4. What does Peter think he would do when he retires?

5. What does Peter realize has been his undoing?

6. Does Peter decide that he is jealous by temperament?

7. What specific words uttered by Peter win him the respect of others?

8. What does Peter want to ask Richard at the party?

9. What news are the paperboys proclaiming?

10. What does the narrator say the brain and body must do, as Peter approaches the party?

1. Peter thinks that one might do as one chooses in privacy.

2. No one had influenced Peter more than Clarissa had.

3. Yes, Peter needs “a devil of an effort” to read one of Clarissa’s letters.

4. Peter thinks he would write books when he retires.

5. Peter realizes that his being dependent on others has been his undoing.

6. Yes, Peter decides that he is uncontrollably jealous by temperament.

7. The specific words that win Peter the respect of others are “bartlett pears.”

8. Peter wants to ask Richard what the conservatives are doing about India.

9. The paperboys are proclaiming a heat wave.

10. The narrator says that the brain must wake, and body contract, as Peter approaches the party.

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