Mrs. Dalloway Part 15 Questions and Answers
by Virginia Woolf

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Part 15 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Exactly what, according to Septimus’ perceptions, is Nature signifying?

2. What did both Holmes and Bradshaw say was the worst thing for Septimus?

3. What did Mrs. Filmer give Rezia that morning?

4. What does Septimus say about the hat for Mrs. Peters?

5. Why does working on the hat make Septimus proud of it?

6. What was the doom that Septimus had sensed in Milan?

7. Of what had Septimus reminded Rezia when she first saw him?

8. With what does Rezia tie up the bundle of Septimus’ drawings?

9. What does Dr. Holmes call Septimus?

10. Whom does Dr. Holmes say is to blame for the suicide?

1. According to Septimus’ perceptions, Nature is signifying an elusive gold spot.

2. Both Holmes and Bradshaw said that excitement was the worst thing for Septimus.

3. Mrs. Filmer gave Rezia grapes that morning.

4. Septimus says that the hat for Mrs. Peters is too small.

5. Working on the hat makes Septimus proud because it is real and substantial.

6. The doom Septimus had felt in Milan was that he would be alone forever.

7. Septimus reminded Rezia of a young hawk when she first saw him.

8. Rezia ties up Septimus’ drawings with a piece of silk.

9. Dr. Holmes calls Septimus a coward.

10. Dr. Holmes says that no one is to blame for the suicide.