Part 14 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. When Elizabeth leaves, whom does Kilman feel has triumphed?

2. Where are the trunks Kilman runs into meant to be taken?

3. Why, according to the narrator, does Mr. Fletcher not stop and talk with Kilman?

4. On what street does Elizabeth wait for an omnibus?

5. According to Clarissa, what does Elizabeth’s friendship with Kilman prove?

6. Where is Clarissa as she thinks this?

7. What did Kilman say regarding Elizabeth’s future?

8. Why, exactly, does Elizabeth have to be going home?

9. Toward what does Elizabeth walk a little?

10. In what manner does Elizabeth board the Westminster omnibus?

1. When Elizabeth leaves, Miss Kilman feels that Mrs. Dalloway has triumphed.

2. The trunks Kilman runs into are meant to be taken to India.

3. According to the narrator, Mr. Fletcher does not stop and talk with Kilman because she is unkempt. Besides, he has to be on his way.

4. Elizabeth waits for an omnibus on Victoria Street.

5. According to Clarissa, Elizabeth’s friendship with Kilman proves that Elizabeth has a heart.

6. As she thinks this, Clarissa is reading in bed at three in the morning.

7. Regarding Elizabeth’s future, Kilman said that every profession is open to women of her generation.

8. Elizabeth must be going home in order to dress for dinner.

9. Elizabeth walks a little toward St. Paul’s.

10. Elizabeth boards the Westminster omnibus “calmly and competently.”

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