Part 12 Questions and Answers

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1. Whom had Richard and Clarissa not spoken of in years?

2. What does Richard see in Piccadilly Circus (a famous London landmark, comparable to New York’s Times Square) that particularly makes him irate?

3. What is Richard doing about the police?

4. How is Richard carrying the flowers for Clarissa?

5. What building does Richard think cannot be denied a certain dignity?

6. What is Richard’s response when asked about Ellie Henderson?

7. Where does Clarissa place the flowers Richard brought?

8. What does Clarissa imagine that people do, or will, say about her?

9. About what does Clarissa feel after Peter and Richard had criticized her very unjustly?

10. Of what basic pieces of geographic information is Clarissa ignorant?

1. Richard and Clarissa had not spoken of Peter Walsh in years.

2. In Piccadilly Circus, Richard sees several small children crossing the street alone.

3. Richard is compiling evidence of police wrongdoings and malpractices.

4. Richard bears the flowers for Clarissa as though they are a weapon.

5. Richard thinks that Buckingham Palace cannot be denied a certain dignity.

6. When asked about Ellie Henderson, Richard is sympathetic, and he implies that she should be invited.

7. Clarissa places the flowers Richard brought in vases on the mantelpiece.

8. Clarissa imagines that people say, or will say, that she is spoiled.

9. Clarissa feels that both Peter and Richard had criticized her very unjustly about her parties.

10. In addition to confusing Armenians, Albanians, and Turks, Clarissa does not know what the Equator is.

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