Part 11 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Is Hugh described as one who “goes deeply”?

2. Is Miss Brush’s brother doing well in South Africa?

3. How does Lady Bruton express her preference for Richard Dalloway over Hugh Whitbread?

4. How old is Lady Bruton?

5. What is Richard Dalloway’s opinion of Bruton’s idea in the letter?

6. What has Richard Dalloway always meant to do when he has “a moment of leisure”?

7. On the corner of what street do Richard and Hugh pause?

8. What pieces of information is Richard surprised to find that the head jeweler possesses?

9. What does Hugh do that disgusts Richard?

10. What would Richard have said to his son, if he had one?

1. No, Hugh Whitbread is not described as one who “goes deeply.” Hugh is one who only brushes the surfaces of ideas and things.

2. No, Miss Brush’s brother is not doing well in South Africa; he is doing poorly in Portsmouth.

3. Lady Bruton prefers Richard Dalloway to Hugh Whitbread because, as she puts it, he is “made of much finer material.”

4. Lady Bruton is 62-years-old.

5. Richard Dalloway’s opinion of Bruton’s idea in the letter is that it is “all stuffing and bunkum,” but that there was no harm in it.

6. Richard Dalloway has always meant to write a history of Lady Bruton’s family, “whenever he had a moment of leisure.”

7. Richard and Hugh pause on the corner of Conduit Street.

8. Richard is surprised to hear that the head jeweler has the measurements of Lady Whitbread’s neck, and knows about her tastes in Spanish jewelry.

9. Richard is disgusted by Hugh’s manners in the jeweler’s, and by his statement that he would buy nothing until the head jeweler had returned.

10. If Richard had a son, he would have told him to find a job.

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