Mrs. Dalloway Part 10 Questions and Answers
by Virginia Woolf

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Part 10 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where does Dr. Holmes go when he feels the way he thinks Septimus feels?

2. How many children does Dr. Holmes have?

3. What was the great revelation that Septimus had, and where was Rezia at the time?

4. What did Septimus call Dr. Holmes, when the latter came to visit after Septimus’ revelation?

5. Where does Holmes suggest the Smiths go if they have no confidence in him?

6. Where does Bradshaw’s son go to school?

7. What did Bradshaw realize the moment he saw Septimus?

8. What gives Bradshaw the impression that Septimus is successful in his career?

9. What, just before leaving, does Bradshaw suggest to Septimus?

10. What observation did Septimus make, once Bradshaw left?

1. When he feels the way that he thinks Septimus feels, Dr. Holmes goes to the Music Hall.

2. Dr. Holmes has four children.

3. Septimus’ great revelation was of Evans’ voice speaking to him from behind a screen. Rezia was out shopping at the time.

4. When Dr. Holmes came to visit after Septimus’ revelation, the latter called him a brute.

5. Holmes suggests that if the Smiths have no confidence in him (and are rich), they should go to Harley Street (a London street renown for its doctors).

6. Bradshaw’s son goes to school at Eton.

7. The moment he saw Septimus, Bradshaw realized that this case was one of extreme gravity.

8. A very generously worded letter from Mr. Brewer, Septimus’ supervisor, gives Bradshaw the impression that Septimus is successful in his career.

9. Just before he leaves, Bradshaw suggests to Septimus that he “think as little about himself as possible.”

10. As Bradshaw left, Septimus observed that the upkeep of Bradshaw’s motor car must cost him quite a lot.