Part 1 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. When she hears the sound of windows opening, how old does Clarissa remember being at Bourton?

2. How does Clarissa remember Peter’s letters?

3. In what part of London has Clarissa lived for twenty years?

4. What street does Clarissa cross as Big Ben strikes the hour?

5. What is Hugh Whitbread carrying when Clarissa sees him?

6. What is Clarissa oddly conscious of while talking with Hugh?

7. To what does Clarissa liken her hatred of Doris Kilman?

8. Why does Clarissa hate Doris Kilman?

9. What color are the hands of Mrs. Pym, the florist?

10. What does Clarissa assume about the car’s backfire?

1. When she hears the sound of windows opening, Clarissa remembers being eighteen at Bourton.

2. Clarissa remembers Peter’s letters as being awfully dull.

3. The part of London in which Clarissa (and her husband and daughter) has lived for twenty years is Westminster.

4. Clarissa crosses Victoria Street as Big Ben strikes the hour.

5. Hugh Whitbread is carrying a despatch box stamped with the Royal Arms when he sees Clarissa.

6. Clarissa is oddly conscious of her hat while talking with Hugh.

7. Clarissa likens her hatred of Doris Kilman to a monster in the woods of her own soul.

8. Clarissa hates Doris Kilman, because the latter is intolerably overbearing. Clarissa feels that “she was never in the room for five minutes without making you feel her superiority, your inferiority; how poor she was; how rich you were”.

9. Mrs. Pym’s hands are bright red, as if they had been soaking in cold water with her flowers.

10. Clarissa assumes that the car’s backfire was a pistol shot.

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